Press Releases and General Information

Wagner presents new powder coating technology of Smart car, 1998
- Dr. Horst Adams presents first completely powder coated car ever

Small Times announces Best of Small Tech Award winners, 2007
- The Best of Small Tech Advocate of the Year 2007 award goes to Dr. Horst Adams

Press Release: Alcan establishes a Global Electronics & Wire Initiative, 2007
- Dr. Horst Adams to manage global electrical wire initiative

Rio Tinto report on carbon natubes enhanced aluminum, 2008
- Dr. Horst Adams ppt presentation about reinforcing aluminum

ALCAN establishes R&D center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2008
- Dr. Horst Adams signed founding documents at Shaghai Jiao Ton University

Eureka! Nanotubes make aluminum nearly as strong as steel, 2009
- Dr Horst Adams, Vice President at Bayer MaterialScience, reports CVD made CNTs in aluminum

Partnership between Bayer MaterialScience and Alcan, 2010
- Dr. Horst Adams reports on Baytubes® carbon nanotubes enhancing aluminum

Carbon Nanotubes in Printed Electronics, 2010
- Dr. Horst Adams gives interview at Nanotech 2010 exhibition in Tokyo

Dr. Horst Adams presentation at Chamber of Commerce, Dusseldorf 2012
- How to setup a US corporation the Texas way

Dr. Horst Adams To Chair Summit at Nanotx’2013
- How Innovative Nanomaterials Redefine High-Performance Semiconductors

Press Release about collaboration between International Copper Association and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2014
- Dr. Horst Adams signed collaboration contract between ICA and SJTU, 2014

International Copper Association starts copper R&D program at Dalian University of Technology, China, 2014
-Video shown on Dalian local TV showing Dr. Horst Adams setting up the collaboration between DUT and ICA

International Copper Association Press Release, 2016
- Graphene Layers Significantly Improve the Conductivity of Copper

Breakthrough in Copper Technology, 2019
- Dr. Horst Adams co-authors scientific publication about discovery of ultra-conductivity in graphene / copper composites