ALMALLOY® - MS High Strength Motor Sport Aluminum Alloys

ALMALLOY®-MS is a set of aluminum alloys optimized for motor sport applications. Almalloy® MS alloys provide the highest mechanical strength of all currently available aluminum alloys matching that of many steel- and titanium alloys. Almalloy® MS alloys combine a tensile strength of up to 840 MPa (up to over 50% better than AA7075) and good ductility with corrosion resistance similar to AA7075. Almalloy® MS alloys are ideally suited for high performance engine component design.

Almalloy® MS alloys were originally developed in Europe for highest strength aerospace and military applications where high temperature stability is a must. Almalloy® MS alloys were recently adopted by leading German car makers for mechanical strength / temperature critical components in leading edge high-power car engines (like pistons, connecting rods, valve parts, cylinder head screws, etc).

Typical motor sports applications:

  • Connecting rods
  • Rocker arms
  • Bearing caps
  • Valve guides
  • Valve spring retainers
  • Cylinder head screws
  • Gearbox actuators
  • Shock absorbers
  • Fuel pumps
  • Wheel components

Almalloy aluminum conrod Almalloy aluminum valve plates